Transforming Document Management at Benson Radiology

Document Management is a key focus for every business, no matter the size, industry or location. We all have files (perhaps too many) and we want to be able to access, edit, and share them efficiently. Continue reading

Digital Collaboration at Ecorys

In the past, knowledge sharing wasn’t so hard. Think of having your team all in one office, all working from 9-5. But this isn’t the reality for businesses today. Workers are remote and on their devices, teams are dispersed and subsequently time zones are mismatched. For many, having everyone in the one place at the one time, just isn’t a reality.

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Digital Transformation for Iconic Retailer: Lowes


I want to share with you a story of pure Digital Transformation This retail business recently embarked upon digitizing their operations across the board. This is one of the most rewarding projects I have been privy to be involved with, a story of immense satisfaction for intranet lovers.

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How Can Social Intranets Increase Your Sales

How Can Social Intranets Increase Your Sales

Salespeople spend their days on the front line, presenting your products to prospective customers and hearing what they have to say. They hear it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

What salespeople hear is what you want to know about – immediately! This feedback can make a huge difference to your business and the faster you can get this information the faster you and others in your business can act upon it. Continue reading

Intranets 2017 Survey Winner

 Intranets 2017 Survey Winner

The winner of our Intranet Survey prize is Angela Hernandez from California, USA. She has won a $500 gift voucher from to use in over 170 hotel brands!

Congratulations Angela and thanks to everyone who provided feedback for our Intranets 2017 survey. We use feedback from our community to improve and provide value to the intranet industry and our customers.

How FOX SPORTS Centralized Communication

FOX Sports

A long, long time ago, 25 years ago actually… I was introduced to the idea of information superhighways and that they would give me the power to demand TV, banking and business.

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Is Your Business In Digital Denial?

Digital Denial

65 percent of Australian business leaders say their organisation is in denial about the need to digitally transform processes or services, yet 90 percent see digital transformation as important or critical.”

“Digital transformation” is the whole scale change to how you conduct business, touching all facets of your organization– people, product and process. This covers things such as customer experience, production, supply chain, employee HR, process & administration, etc.

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Transforming Workforce Experience

Transforming Workforce Experience

The wellbeing of a business is determined by the wellbeing of its staff. In order to make a positive profit, your team need to feel positive about their work. Dale Carnegie Training found that “companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%” Sounds like something worth addressing, right?

However, changing the way your team feels about work requires more than table tennis or soft drinks in the fridge. It’s about transforming the entire workforce experience.

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Welcoming Millennials to the Workforce

Welcoming Millenials to the Workforce

Millennials are those born to the Baby Boomers.

In 2016, millennials are between the ages of 18 – 32.

Other names applied to this generation include:

  • Generation Y
  • Echo boomers
  • Digital natives

Millennials are the first generation who don’t know life without the internet and personal devices.

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My Mum & Dad’s House

Mum & Dad's House

Mum recently had surgery. Before heading home Mum and Dad’s house required reorganization to make it more comfortable, practical and safe.

I decided to tackle this rather daunting task in the same way I would conduct an Information Architecture project for an intranet. I consulted with all stakeholders: doctors, physiotherapist, occupational therapist & GP who contributed valuable information and helped define the requirements.

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